Press Release

KIMOWI Sets New Standards in Ethical Luxury

In the summer of 2023, KIMOWI, a trailblazer in ethical luxury fashion, made a splash with its launch in the idyllic island of Capri, introducing a bespoke line of silk kimonos that seamlessly blend personalised elegance with a commitment to sustainability. Building on the success among tourists from all over the world visiting the glamorous Italian island, in 2024, the brand expanded its presence spanning across all continents. Orders have poured in from diverse markets, including Latin America, the United States, and Asia, highlighting the universal appeal of KIMOWI's unique blend of luxury, personalisation, and ethical production.

Personalisation and Sustainability: The Heart of KIMOWI

Central to our philosophy is the belief that true luxury is personalised, ethical, and sustainable. The brand's bespoke silk kimonos are designed in collaboration with clients, allowing for the creation of unique pieces that reflect individual identities and stories. This level of personalisation, combined with a commitment to ethical production, sets KIMOWI apart in the luxury fashion landscape.
The launch event in Capri, celebrated amid the island's enchanting beauty, showcased KIMOWI's commitment to creating garments that embody sophistication, comfort, and a unique identity. 

Looking Forward: A Future of Ethical Luxury

As KIMOWI continues to grow, its mission remains steadfast: to offer unparalleled luxury that respects both people and the planet. The brand's expansion into global markets and its partnership with Indian artisans represent significant strides towards redefining the luxury fashion industry.

About our kimonos

KIMOWI leads the way in ethical luxury fashion, specializing in bespoke silk kimonos that offer a perfect blend of traditional elegance and contemporary personalization. Committed to ethical production, sustainability, and the art of personal expression, KIMOWI is dedicated to crafting garments that are not just worn but cherished, reflecting the wearer's unique identity while contributing positively to the global community.
For further information on KIMOWI and its ethical luxury initiatives, contact:
Alberto Maccari
Marketing Director at KIMOWI