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Introducing Kimowi 🍋: The ultimate silk to chill in Capri
Kimowi, the exquisite silk kimono brand, proudly announces its launch in Capri as the epitome of luxurious comfort and relaxation.
Crafted by expert hands, Kimowi paves the way for an unparalleled silk experience for both men and women.
Kimowi 🍋 is inspired by the serenity of the Isle of Capri, a place where the gentle sea breeze meets the vibrant colours of nature, creating an atmosphere that embodies the essence of relaxation. Each kimono, meticulously handcrafted from the finest silk, reflects the harmonious blend of Italian craftsmanship and Belgian design expertise.
"At Kimowi, we believe in embracing the art of silk and channelling it into an everyday experience of effortless elegance," said Alberto,Kimowi's co-founder. "Our kimonos aren't just clothes; they're an invitation to slow down, immerse yourself in a world of luxury and feel the soft embrace of silk against your skin.
Geraldine, co-founder and designer of Kimowi, adds: "Our aim was to create a brand that celebrated the beauty of silk while embodying the concept of 'chill'. With Kimowi, we have achieved this by combining classic kimonos with contemporary styles, resulting in a collection that appeals to the modern individual looking for comfort and sophistication".
Kimowi 🍋 silk kimonos are available in a range of stunning patterns, inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Capri, lush botanical gardens and vibrant Mediterranean culture. Each piece is carefully crafted to ensure a perfect fit and an unrivalled level of comfort. Kimowi's commitment to sustainability is also evident, as the company uses ethically sourced materials and environmentally friendly production practices.
Kimowi invites you to discover its collection, which includes a variety of styles suitable for different occasions, whether lounging at home, enjoying a sunset on a yacht or attending a special event. Regardless of gender, Kimowi kimonos celebrate diversity and allow individuals to express their personal style with elegance and ease.
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About Kimowi 🍋:
Kimowi is a luxury silk kimono brand founded by Alberto and Geraldine. Based in Capri, Italy, Kimowi embraces the art of silk and creates garments that embody the concept of 'chill'. With a focus on impeccable craftsmanship, contemporary design and sustainability, Kimowi offers a range of silk kimonos that redefine comfort, elegance and style.