About Kimony

Embark on a journey of wonder, where Capri's ancient Roman charm entwines with wild, untouched nature, and the caress of crystal-clear seas invites you to luxurious repose. At KIMONY, we immerse ourselves in this Mediterranean gem, weaving dreams into elegant silk kimonos that dance with celestial hues.

A symphony of passion and artistry, is to gift comfort and sophistication to those who hold life's finer things close. Like artisans of old, we meld timeless craftsmanship with contemporary design, creating garments that are a testament to the poetry of luxury and leisure.

With each fold and stitch, our exceptional kimonos resonate with a tale of grace and refinement, infusing every moment with enchantment. Be it languorous days spent in the embrace of home or the allure of sandy shores, KIMONY's effortless style becomes your second skin.

Embrace the essence of Capri, where the echoes of history intertwine with the whispers of nature, and the sun-kissed waves serenade your senses. In our silk kimonos, you embody the essence of life's simple pleasures, like a timeless sonnet of elegance and joy. Indulge in this reverie of beauty and poise, for KIMOWI's silk kimonos are a testament to the art of savoring every precious moment.