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Elevate your luxury gift with personalised silk kimonos


Make your hotel stay extra special with KIMOWI silk kimonos. They're not just comfortable; they add a splash of elegance to any moment. Whether your guests are relaxing in their rooms, enjoying dinner in your restaurant, or walking to the pool, our kimonos make every experience feel luxurious. Plus, KIMOWI can create custom designs to match your hotel's style, keeping your brand consistent and making your guests' stay even more unique. Give them the luxury of a silk kimono and show them how much you care about their comfort and experience.

How to produce your kimonos with KIMOWI


As a pioneer in eco-sustainable fashion, we offer an unparalleled experience, meticulously crafting each piece with care and conscience. Our innovative on-demand production model guarantees that every kimono is uniquely tailored to meet the discerning tastes of our clients, including hotels prints and labelling, seeking an exclusive business formula.


Bespoke elegance, responsibly crafted

At Kimowi, we're dedicated to reducing material waste and conserving our planet's precious natural resources. Our approach is simple yet impactful: select raw materials based on precise customer demand. This targeted strategy not only minimizes our environmental footprint by preventing overproduction but also significantly cuts down water usage in fabric production. The result? A collection that is as kind to the earth as it is to your esteemed guests.

Artisanal excellence, local empowerment

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond materials. We pride ourselves on supporting talented artisans, fostering a local and fair economy. By choosing skilled craftspeople over corporate mass production, we help preserve traditional techniques, contribute to local communities, and ensure that every piece tells a unique story of craftsmanship and care.

A partnership for the future

Partnering with Kimowi means more than just adding exceptional quality garments to your luxury hotel. It means joining a movement towards a more sustainable, ethical fashion industry. Together, we can offer your guests an experience that aligns with their values, showcasing your commitment to not only luxury but also to a responsible, environmentally conscious future.

Embrace responsible luxury with KIMOWI

Choose Kimowi for your luxury hotel and make a statement that resonates with elegance, sustainability, and ethical practices. Let's pave the way for a future where fashion is synonymous with responsibility and respect for our planet. Join us in our mission to redefine the luxury hotel experience, one exquisite, eco-sustainable garment at a time.

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Elevate your hotel's luxury offering with Kimowi's eco-sustainable fashion. Visit us at to explore our exclusive business formula designed for luxury hotels and become a part of our sustainable fashion revolution.