Behind Kimowi

A Tale of Romance, Silk, and Fashion
Once upon a time, a beautiful love story unfolded, as tender and delicate as the finest silk. It all began when Alberto, a talented creative director hailing from Rome, crossed paths with Géraldine, a fashion enthusiast from Belgium living in Lasne. Destiny brought them together just before the pandemic, and their shared passion for beauty and elegance kindled a profound connection.
Alberto had dedicated his life to the fashion industry, and his dreams were filled with visions of creating a silk clothing brand that epitomized timeless elegance and romance. Meanwhile, Géraldine had nurtured her love for fashion and self-expression from a young age. She had crafted her own concept store, a haven where art, fashion, and creativity mingled to enchant Bohemian enthusiasts seeking unique experiences.
The synergy between their souls was undeniable, and it became clear that their combined talents could give life to something extraordinary. Together, they set out to create a brand of silk clothing that would redefine fashion.
With Géraldine's innate fashion intuition and artistic sensibility, and Alberto's communication background, their dream began to take shape. They poured their hearts and souls into every silk thread, weaving a brand that exuded luxury, sophistication, and romance.
The KIMOWI brand is a manifestation of their love for the small pleasures in life and the silk and their shared devotion to fashion and creativity. Its allure lies in the timeless elegance it brings to each piece, leaving a trail of enchantment wherever it goes.
Join us on our journey, as we continue to create and inspire, on Instagram: kimowi_capri.